I am a long time resident of Broomfield Colorado, 80020 USA. I started the Broomfield Journal as a citizens news. Beginning January 2013 this blog will focus on major criminal and other Federal Lawsuits against America corp. and the worldwide banking establishment.

One particular lawsuit filed under UCC regulations, the same ones that force us into bankruptcy, have forced the Federal Reserve other assets into bankruptcy. America Corporation no longer exists. It has been foreclosed and all it’s assets plus interest plus fines have been Gifted by the Legal owners (see lawsuit) equally to every person in the world. Everyone gets a piece.

The value is pure gold bullion. Currently stored in safety. The issue is how to dispense the funds. And primarily who will oversee the treasure. You may have heard rumors of the Abundance program, NESARA plus others with humanitarian purposes behind the funds. Yes they exist but No, they have been co-opted, infiltrated and reworked the rules so the bankers et al come out ahead. Another case of good intentions overrun by greed. Unless they affect the OPTF (One People’s Trust Fund) I won’t waste my time sorting through that BS.

What is real is the Federal lawsuit(s). Which have been correctly filed, legally received by the courts. Large quantities of evidence have been filed (858 pages available on the Supreme Courts site) detailing the criminal enterprise the Global Bankers began and continued till today. And names are named. And those named are running scared.

The Federal Lawsuit, filed under UCC (Universal Commercial Code) following UCC regulations to the letter. The same exact system and procedures that are used to foreclose our property.

The Federal Reserve and Global Bankers only had to prove some sort of defense: Documents and witnesses were wrong or false? They cannot and they did not. You go to court without any defense and you lose. Cut and dried. This was a foreclosure on the Fed plus many others. We own it all.

All the distractions in the world today are to distract you from this truth. They are broke. The Gold they were pretended was theirs has been removed to safety. All they have left are US Dollars which, other than the Euros, no one wants.

We each legally own more money than we could ever spend. And that is the resource to really change the World. WE have the money and they lost their power. And they are mad and desperate and capable of anything. Best advice.. Ignore Them. Think about how we could change our world not enrich theirs!


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