Genealagy, Photography and Metal Detecting.. What do they have in common?

As a 40 year resident of Broomfield, and long time member of our Genealogical Society I have an idea to run up the flag.

Metal detecting has been a favorite pastime of mine after retirement. I enjoy researching new sites using Google Earth searches. Foundations, old road beds, wagon trails, etc are quite visible if you know what you are looking for.

From Google I create a file on my computer and print a few 4 x 6″ photos of the interesting bits to search for. Usually they are well off the road and GPS coordinates are used to locate each site. Once there I document the site if it is new to me. In Colorado time-frames for settlers can often be derived from Patent numbers on machinery or the type or tin can, pottery or other artifacts found there. Often a quick search of county records will show the previous landowner. Towns may come and go but cemeteries and churches are easily located. Headstone photos with family names and dates tie into our family history and with

The combination of a family name, area lived in, local history, Google mapping and photography all can apply to the field trips.

As a long time user on Ancestry, metal detecting and exploring old sites I can expand local interest through field trips, short presentations at local clubs, plus online videos and YouTube. That’s what I am developing as you read this. Let me know what your thoughts are?


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